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The Best Fashion Tips Every Women Must Follow!

Updated: Jan 4, 2022

There are days when it may seem impossible to step out of the door in style while juggling a career, a family, and finding time for ourselves. If you follow movie stars and celebrities to get inspired by their sense of fashion, you might wonder where to even get started. There are many secrets stylish women follow that help them to stand out from the crowd.

Today we'll highlight some of those trade secrets so that you can carve out your own unique style.

So, here are some tips that you can follow to help you shine.

Make a Plan:

Give outfit planning a try to make way for stress-free mornings and stellar #OOTD looks. Similar to meal prepping, thinking ahead will help save you time and think about ideal clothing coordination that might otherwise be rushed. Keep in mind the weather and events that are in your schedule, and try to allow for some adaptability. If you need inspiration to help get you started, try looking online at some clothing boutique stores and fashion trend articles!

When in Doubt, go Casual: Consider your destination and who you'll see if you're ever undecided about what to wear. When in doubt, try looking for a safer option. If you're worried about looking too put- together, opt for a more casual look. Great options for this are things like jeans and a cargo jacket,

which can be paired with a more trendy or elegant shirt to allow you to dress up or down based on the vibe.

Get out of your Comfort Zone: Trying something new can be scary, but also very rewarding! Whether it's a bright new color that

stands out from your regular neutral palette or switching from narrow jeans to a boyfriend silhouette, trying something new can help you discover a new amazing style. Who knows what trends you'll fall in love with!

Wear Some Accessories: Accessories are so important when it comes to talking about glamour and glitz, but also elegance and grace. Try to add on at least one item, whether it's a statement necklace, a brightly-colored bag, or a stunning pair of earrings--or all of the above. In a matter of seconds, a strong statement piece can transform a bland ensemble into a show-stopping outfit. Try one of our accessories, like our pearl hair clip hollow bow tie for hair!

Try stylish footwear: Shoes can elevate an outfit to a completely different level. Color, print, and style have a huge aesthetic impact on footwear, but you don't always have to go for the highest heel. Flats can be just as elegant and sexy as stilettos, and your feet will thank you for the break. Even if your outfit is haphazardly put together, a printed flat or a burst of the color wedge can help it appear more deliberate. If you want to go casual, try out some flip-flops that can go with your preferred casual outfit. Either style will make you radiantly breathtaking.

We hope this blog gives you an idea of how to proceed when creating your style statement.

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