Frequently asked questions

Q: Is There A Minimum Order?

A: We Have No Minimum Number Of Products That Must Be Ordered For A Purchase.

Q: What Time Will My Order Be Sent?

A: We Will Do Our Best To Send Out Items Within 48-96 Hours After Receipt Of Your Payment.If You Order Many Items, We May Need 2-5 Days To Prepare your order. If Your Products Come With Swarovski Crystal Elements It Will Take At Least 1-2 Days.

Q: How Do I Cancel An Order?

Cancel The Order According To The Different Progress Of The Order Status

Pending Payment
Contact Your Account Manager To Help You Cancel The Order.

Confirmed Or Processing
We Have Spent Time Reviewing And Preparing Your Order, So We Have Some Rules. The Rules Are As Follows:

1. You Can Cancel The Order Within 5 Hours After Payment, Please Contact Us As Soon As Possible And Get Confirmation
2. If You Want To Cancel The Order Within 5-72 Hours After Payment, We Will Charge You 15% Of The Entire Order As A Service Fee.
3. If After 72 Hours From Your Payment, The Order Cannot Be Cancelled Because The Package Is Ready To Be Shipped. If You Must Cancel, We Will Not Refund.

Shipped Or Complete
These Orders Have Been Sent Or Successfully Signed For And Cannot Be Cancelled.

Q: What Happens If There Is A Shortage Problem?

A: We Tried To Send 100% Of Your Order, But Some Of The Items Are Out Of Stock. To Save Time We Will Send Your Order With The Items That Are Available.
B: We Will Credit Your Account For The Items That Were Purchased But Out Of Stock. You Can Use It In Your Next Order.
C: You May Elect To Exchange For Other Items Of Equal or Lesser Value When Contacted.